Case study 2 - Winter Wedding in Warwickshire

This was a very special Winter Wedding for Henry Bonas Event Management. The entrance marquee was tacked off, which is a bespoke lining. This means interesting shapes can be created and slick lines. We worked closely with the lining company using our powered truss as the apex in the entrance marquee enabled us to hide any sign of fixings and then clip in small discreet spots to highlight the walls and photos.

The Reception area was a real triumph, it started with a Pinterest image from a wedding in the States which showed amazing chandeliers with no visible fixings and swags of voile fabric. Because of the level of light when guests entered the marquee was around dusk would spoil the effect, the reception was first blacked out, and then a lining of voile was fitted to a point with cascades of pea lighting to the eves. The fixings for the spot lights to the flowers were hidden behind this giving an impression of weightlessness.

The dining had a completely different feel. A Star Cloth roof to give the impression of an evening sat out under the moon and Stars. Amazing candle chandeliers created by Copelands Flower Company lined the apex of the marquee, while spotlights to highlight and texture the lighting to the tables gave the impression of natural candle light.

The dance area was hidden behind a wall to look like the end of the structure. After speeches the time was right for the first dance, and at the press of a button, the entire end of the marquee dropped away to reveal an amazing dance floor area. With slick control over the light we could create lighting looks to pick up on the nuances in the music. We provided band PA , a DJ, and lighting engineer to control the various aspects that made the evening a success.

Towards the end of the evening, guests were led out onto the decking overlooking the lake. From the far side we had a 4 head laser show to music. Henry had also organised dancing flames which we incorporated into the show, what an end to an amazing night!